About Us

Founded on July 4, 2016, For Excellence by a young entrepreneur with professional experience in the area of quality. For Excellence started its activity as a provider of consulting, auditing and training services in the areas of Food Safety, Quality, Safety and Hygiene at Work, Environment, Social Responsibility, Management Systems and Vocational Training.
Also during its first year of life, For Excellence became sole representative and consultant for the BIOSPHERE RESPONSIBLE TOURISM Certification in the Azores archipelago.
Aware of the evolution of companies and in order to meet the needs of current and potential customers, we assume Quality as a basic management tool in order to ensure the company’s competitiveness with a policy totally oriented towards complete customer satisfaction.
Since its creation we are based in the nonagon building in Lagoa, São Miguel.

Even without being visible to our eyes,
you will always be our founder, our pillar and our leader!